• Advanced Engineering
    One storage unit for all eventualities
    Lithium-ion batteries: independence from public energy providers with stationary energy storage units from Mercedes-Benz.
  • Autonom_Autobahnpilot
    Autonomous Driving
    Motorway Pilot & Co.
    Equipped with  „connected systems“, Mercedes-Benz vehicles are now more comfortable, safer and also more dynamic and efficient.
  • Autonomous Driving
    Hands off the wheel
    Daimler's US subsidiary Freightliner is starting the test phase with the world's first autonomously driving truck on public roads.
  • Autonomous Driving
    New mobility in San Francisco
    On the road at the Golden Gate in California with the autonomously driving F 015 Luxury in Motion research vehicle.
  • Autonomous Driving
    World premiere of Inspiration Truck
    Daimler celebrates their first autonomous truck with road approval at Hoover Dam.
  • Connectivity
    Putting monitors through their paces
    In-car displays need to withstand a great deal more than current smartphones for the car's entire operating life. Mercedes-Benz even tests their resistance to misuse.
  • June 30
    How does our future transportation look like, facing climate and demographic changes? http://bit.ly/1C4jYjG #next

    June 26
    Baby drive my car! http://bit.do/6gS7 #F015 #next

  • Mobility Concept
    Vikings surging ahead
    In Norway, electromobility is more attractive than anywhere else. An excursion into the kingdom of Norway.
  • Advanced Engineering
    Electric cars without charging plug
    Convenient charging: wireless charging stations will make the issue of charging electric vehicles by means of a charging cable a thing of the past.
  • Autonomous Driving
    The evolution of comfort
    To drive or to be driven? From the motor carriage to the F 015, the answer lies in the interior of luxury sedans.
  • Advanced Engineering
    Vehicles made to measure
    About 200 people at Mercedes-Benz developedthe research vehicle F 015 Luxury in Motion in 18 months.
  • Connectivity
    Firewalls against hackers
    Today's cars are 'connected'. How does the frequent exchange of data affect the relationship between vehicle manufacturer and owner?