• Mobility Concept
    Electric motoring in Germany
    From the coast to the Alps with the B-Class Sports Tourer B 250 e. A 1100-kilometre route on which a public charging infrastructure has yet to be established as standard.
  • Autonomous Driving
    Livestream: Autonomous truck on German roads
    October 2nd - 11.00 a.m.(CEST) Livestream from Rest area Denkendorf / Autobahn A8
  • Mobility Concept
    Resistance is futile
    Extremely aerodynamically efficient from a speed of 80 – Intelligent Aerodynamic Automobile (IAA), the self-transforming concept study from Mercedes-Benz.
  • Connectivity
    Assistants who think and steer
    The next E-Class will analyse complex traffic situations, react to potential hazards in road traffic and communicate via an app.
  • October 9
    Self-driving @Easy_Mile buses coming to San Ramon office park next year!

    October 1
    On call #car2go will be reality soon http://goo.gl/mXP7rY

  • Mobility Concept
    The future of mobility
    Harald Rudolph, head of Daimler strategy, and Torsten Frech, deputy Chief Economist, on the future of mobility.
  • Mobility Concept
    Energy bars tested
    Daimler is the only German vehicle manufacturer that develops and produces its own batteries for its electric models.
  • Autonomous Driving
    The age-old dream of the driverless car
    The history of the future of self-driving vehicles. Visions and utopias from the past.
  • Connectivity
    One storage unit for all eventualities
    Lithium-ion batteries: independence from public energy providers with stationary energy storage units from Mercedes-Benz.
  • Autonom_Autobahnpilot
    Autonomous Driving
    Motorway Pilot & Co.
    Equipped with  „connected systems“, Mercedes-Benz vehicles are now more comfortable, safer and also more dynamic and efficient.
  • Autonomous Driving
    Hands off the wheel
    Daimler's US subsidiary Freightliner is starting the test phase with the world's first autonomously driving truck on public roads.
  • Autonomous Driving
    New mobility in San Francisco
    On the road at the Golden Gate in California with the autonomously driving F 015 Luxury in Motion research vehicle.